Kapr Driving School

We are KAPR Ostrava Driving School. Our students enjoy comfort and reliability behind the wheel, thanks to our fleet of modern cars, eliminating the hassle of outdated or malfunctioning vehicles. We offer comprehensive driving courses in Ostrava for passenger cars, classified under license group B. We have both manual and automatic transmission car. Additionally, we cater to all motorcycle enthusiasts with courses for categories AM, A1, A2, and A. Plus, with our trailer training, obtaining your B96 and BE endorsements is hassle-free.

Autoškola KAPR Ostrava - naše výcviková vozidla

why Kapr?

You might be wondering, why are we called KAPR? The name is an acronym derived from the founders’ names and also refers to a traditional Christmas fish dish. When choosing this name, our aim was to make it short and punchy, easily memorable, and also add a touch of humor.

Kapr Student Experience

“I highly recommend this school to everyone, especially to foreigners who are searching for an English speaker instructor. Jan Kimla is a great instructor. 👏👏”
“This is a great place to learn driving! Jan Kimla is an excellent instructor with perfect command of English. He explained the skills required in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. I found his teaching aids for car positioning & driving techniques very useful, especially in learning how to perform the skills safely yet efficiently. He is extremely patient, friendly, and professional. Scheduling classes and learning theory was very easy, so the whole process felt seamless and enjoyable. Really thankful and can definitely recommend! ”